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Thank you for your interest in submitting music to Skyhawk Radio

The Terms of Submission to Skyhawk Radio


1.  You confirm and accept legal responsibility that the works submitted to Skyhawk Radio are the property of the artist, and all rights to these works being submitted, including lyrics and music, are the property of the artist.


2.  You confirm and accept legal responsibility that submitted works contain no recordings, lyrics, copyrights, or other elements that are the copyright of any other artist, except under the limited provisions of the Creative Commons License Agreement.


3.  Despite any recording contracts with RIAA, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN or other recording industry entity, you, the submitter confirm you or your client retain ownership of the works, and are free to distribute, broadcast, license or sell these works at the your discretion.You, the submitter, indemnify Skyhawk Radio, its djs, presenters, and staff and take full legal and financial responsibility for songs submitted which are not under your rights ownership of which may be subject to rights and royalties collection.


4.  By submitting your songs, you are granting Skyhawk Radio the non-exclusive perpetual right to broadcast the songs on their internet-based stations and to use the songs for non-paid promotional airplay. You do not give up any part of the ownership or copyright you hold in the songs.


5.  Skyhawk Radio has then right to copy, edit and play shortened versions of your songs in radio spots and shows mixed with other audio files to promote your music to the broader listener´s base.


7.  Skyhawk Radio has the sole and absolute discretion as to whether or not the songs you submit will be played on its radio stations or otherwise used in accordance with this agreement. Submissions will be reviewed as to content, recording quality, length, and appropriateness for particular air programs and other uses. All submissions must be properly tagged with artist name and song title in mp3 format 128 to 320kbs at 44.1 Hz and the clean version (if possible). If the song contains vulgar language by FCC standards, then make sure to mark the song as “dirty” or “unedited.”


8.  Skyhawk Radio has the right to modify these terms at anytime for new submissions.

Send your music submissions to: