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Listen to the best indie radio online Hip Hop, R&B, Exclusive Mixtapes, EDM, Rock, Pop and everything in between. Indie Music describes music produced and released independently from the commercial major record labels.


Music Gorilla is a leading commercial marketplace for independent musicians worldwide.

We set out to help artists get their music to the people who can make a difference in their careers. Through established relationships, we’re now a trusted provider for an evolving music industry looking for emerging artists and material.
With our personalized approach, we quickly earned the reputation of being a small company, doing big things. Music Gorilla showcases artists from all over the globe and helps them get their songs heard and licensed by key players in the television, film, advertising, web, and gaming industries. We find and create opportunities and get them in your hands. We believe that your success begins with opportunity.

Why trust us? Our founders have worked for companies like Miramax and Tribeca productions.

Their backgrounds include retail, entrepreneurship, and film and television production. They share a passion for music and helping people. They started Music Gorilla to combine these passions and to impact the way artists get opportunities and find success for their music.