The Streaming Hub Radio is part of our “World Music” Series of Channels that features Reggae, Root’s and Dancehall. Streaminn Hub features today’s hottest DJs playing live sets from around the globe.


FM Records Music is dedicated to bringing pop-reggae music to a mainstream, international audience. We are committed to producing the most authentic rhythms, melodies and lyrics of the global reggae industry. FM Records is devoted to introducing pop-reggae, dub-reggae and dubstep reggae to a younger, more contemporary audience, but without compromising the integrity of the traditional ‘one-drop’ reggae rhythm. FM Records Music is a full service reggae-industry mogul that provides cutting-edge services in instrumental music production, sound engineering, songwriting, music composition and internet retailing. Our musical concept empowers media outlets by delivering the rhythms, singles and albums that represent the lifeblood of radio, nightclub and sound-system playlists in every nation that embraces roots reggae. FM Records Music represents the highest industry standards of technology-based instrumental and sound-engineering quality, and FM Records Music' equipment preferences carry a significant amount of influence among reggae producers – both in the reggae world and in the mainstream music industry. FM Records Music is currently the premier voice of pop-reggae production in the Caribbean, United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia